About us

About Us

Established in August 2015 by visionary entrepreneur Emmanuel Anabueze, Newsland Integrated Media Services is a pioneering force in reshaping narratives and transforming brands in Nigeria, we are committed to navigating the ever-evolving media landscape with creativity, strategy, and impact.

At Newsland, we go beyond traditional media services. Our expertise lies in comprehensive brand rejuvenation, offering tailored solutions that elevate your business in a competitive market. From rebranding initiatives to crafting compelling narratives, we are dedicated to ensuring that your brand stands out and makes a lasting impression.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the initiation of noteworthy events such as the Queen of South East Nigeria Beauty Pageant, South East Campus Awards, and The Humanitarian Awards and Magazine. These platforms not only showcase our creativity but also emphasize our dedication to community engagement and social responsibility.

Emmanuel Anabueze, the driving force behind Newsland, is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a seasoned professional in media consultancy, brand strategy, and PR. His leadership and insights have positioned Newsland as a trusted partner for businesses and individuals looking to redefine their presence in the market.

As a team, we embrace challenges and believe in the transformative power of media to drive positive change. Our mission is to empower businesses to not only adapt to change but to proactively shape their narratives for success.

Join us at Newsland Integrated Media Services, where innovation meets impact. Let's embark on a journey together to craft compelling stories, redefine brands, and shape the narratives that will resonate with your audience and drive your success.